Flower pots and vases may be the real culprits if you see a lot of mosquitoes in your office or indoors.

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Flower pots and vases may be the real culprits if you see a lot of mosquitoes in your office or indoors.

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pest controlNew age offices are more or less protected with glass façade and sealed windows, normally the flying insects are not attacking these in large numbers but as they say, ‘even a single mosquito is equally dangerous’, it is important to understand how you get the mosquitoes in well-protected MNC office.

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Mosquitoes are prevalent in humid areas. But, because mosquitoes often develop in water standing in containers, the presence of human containers has allowed the species to spread through the open to the closed offices. There is a paucity of information on how many water containers are present in commercial properties in a city and about the knowledge and attitudes the office goers have about a transmission of mosquito-borne diseases. But understanding is there, thanks to the health agencies spreading mosquito awareness program throughout the year.

The yellow fever mosquito that is Aedes aegypti, is a definitely a severe health threat, spreading dengue virus, Zika virus, and chikungunya virus. The mosquito is native has spread from Africa, and it has colonized many subtropical and tropical regions globally as an invasive species.

There was a study conducted to find out if people are aware that they are unknowingly breeding mosquitoes in their homes and offices, The study found that a good, 2 percent of flower containers (pots and vases) held yellow fever mosquito larvae, and 0.7 percent of containers held mosquito pupae. Ninety-one percent of Offices had at least one container, and 13 percent of offices had at least one container with larvae or pupae.Pest Control

A very important finding in the research was people reported that they check and refill water but only a very low, 3% of respondents confirmed that they change water by throwing the old water with the fresh and this could be a large cause of their spread.

Dengue fever alone infects 400 million people each year, and all of these diseases are expanding their range. Most respondents were unaware that the mosquitoes are the single largest killer of all humans killed so far on this planet, killing millions of people just by a single bite.

A mindset of zero tolerance towards mosquitoes is required to stay protected and keeping your family safe from this deadly menace, more and more awareness towards keeping yourself covered, ensuring kids are well covered or protected with mosquito repellent cream, old people are sleeping in nets and a continuous fight is to be maintained to keep yourself safe.

Apart from Malaria that is a most common problem, these creatures bring in a lot more complicated ailments as well like:Haathi Paon

Elephantiasis (Hathi Paon)



Zika Spread

Japanese Encephalitis

And so on, but the good news is that the outbreak of mosquitoes can be controlled in the large societies and streets by regular fogging and pest control with the professional pest control company.

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