Franchisee Eligibility

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Pest Act Pest Control is an exciting Pest Control concept ideally suited to today’s fast-paced lifestyle.  It is a member in good standing of the Indian Franchise Association, and one of India’s leading Pest Control franchises.  We specialize in providing top quality Pest Control services and other complementary products to the public.

 From its inception Pest Act Pest Control has grown throughout central and Northern India. Pest Act Pest Control currently aims to expand at a rate of 15 to 20 locations per year with expectations of surpassing the 1000 locations mark within the next 5 years.

Our growth is predicated on the following factors:

  • The quality of all our service offerings.
  • All products are government approved and tested;
  • The processes are labour intensive and authentic – sets us apart;
  • Creative Marketing –State of the Art Website, Social Media strength, Billboard, high-end flyer etc…
  • Our focus on providing the highest level of customer service;
  • Synergies and efficiencies created by the operation of a centralized call-centre to receive calls from  +91 981 817 7378

A genuine commitment to the success of all franchisees evidenced by the fact that Pest Act Pest Control operates on one of the lowest overall cost and flat-fee frameworks in the Pest Control industry (in relation to such things as the franchise fee, initial promotion, trainings and product costs).

It is the combination of these elements and Pest Act Pest Control’s continued efforts to stay at the top of the pest control game that has distinguished us from the competition – which in North India, is actually the most competitive Pest Control market in the entire world!!!!

Franchising: Benefits

As franchisor, Pest Act Pest Control strives to provide its franchisees with all the necessary services that arise in our industry. As a Pest Act Pest Control franchisee you will receive the benefit of the following services:


  • A successful model based on years of clever and effective print and social media initiatives
  • Inherent goodwill attained via the award-winning and highly acclaimed “Pest Act Pest Control EXTERMINATOR”
  • Brand name recognition with the “EXTERMINATOR” persona and a highly recognized phone number containing 7378 (a substitute of PEST)
  • A full time Social Media team contracted on Pest Act Pest Control’s behalf
  • Prominent public exposure in high end venues like our recent exhibition in Aahar17 in ITPO, Delhi.

Operational Support

  • Fast and easy response system from a central commissary;
  • Quick response time and resolution to any service inquiry
  • Marketing and business development support
  • On-going support from one of our designated area representatives
  • Staff “Kills on call” for emergency situations
  • Comprehensive initial and on-going training from experienced staff with regards to finances, operations and general management

Dedication To Customer Service

  • An industry leading central call center – operated in house!
  • A one-number central service system
  • A top rated Web based service Ordering/Customer Feedback system


  • Legal Department
  • Architecture Design Department
  • Real Estate Department
  • Product Specialists
  • Industry veterans available for training and bringing in new learning from researches worldwide.

Franchising: Join Us

Pest Control FranchisePest Act Pest Control’s concept is based on the strong, personal involvement of the franchisee in the management of the franchise.  As such, Pest Act Pest Control prefers owners who will operate the offices personally.

Franchise applicants must meet rigid qualifications including, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Preference will be given to candidates with minimum 1 year experience in the Pest Control industry and some managerial experience, preferably in the Chemical/Agricultural/Pest Control industry
  • A satisfactory financial rating, and must demonstrate the financial capability to open and operate an office with a team of minimum 10 persons.  Preferably, prospective franchisees should have a net worth of a million and above.  Liquid capital requirements typically range from Rs.200,000.00 to 800,000.00 depending on the franchise models and development costs
  • A satisfactory background check by an independent third party company specializing in said work
  • Due to the physical demands of operating a Pest Act Pest Control office location, applicants should be in good health
  • A willingness to devote full time and effort toward the success of his/her own office
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Other considerations involved in assessing applicants include character traits, level of motivation, related experience, etc…

Where do we go from here?

If you are interested in proceeding further, it is as simple as contacting us by phone, email or in writing informing us of your interest and qualifications.

We will arrange for a personal meeting at our Head Office. If this initial meet and greet goes well, we will outline all the next steps including timelines, disclosure, training, area interests, site selection and more.


Frequently Asked Questions
If I am interested in operating my own Pest Act Pest Control franchise, how do I get started?

If you are interested in joining our team or would like to know more about franchising opportunities with Pest Act Pest Control please contact us directly at 9818177378 and ask for Franchise or by email at

Is previous experience in the Pest Control industry required?

Yes, preference will be given to a candidate showing a minimum of one year’s experience in the Pest Control or Chemical industry, alternatively experience in a managerial position in the House Keeping industry will be considered.  Pest Act Pest Control will provide comprehensive training and operating assistance to qualified candidates.  A prospective franchisee’s desire and effort can be as significant as one’s level of experience.

What is the cost of opening a Pest Act Pest Control Franchise?

Franchisees of Pest Act Pest Control operate “full service” offices.   Its total turnkey cost is typically in the range of Rs.200,000 to 800,000 depending on the size of the location and the leasehold improvements that may be required.  The turnkey costs include those relating to: office design, permit acquisitions, all equipment, necessary leasehold improvements, signage, small wares, construction, administration charges and uniforms.  All of the equipment, except for the computer’s licensed software is typically owned by the franchisee.

How do I secure a site/area/territory if I am interested?

Rs.100,000 deposit will secure a site/area of your interest such that Pest Act Pest Control will no longer market the site/area to any other prospective buyers.

What does the initial Franchise Fee buy?

It secures the right to own and operate a Pest Act Pest Control franchise within a designated territory, area or region.  It is a fee that permits the franchisee to obtain a non-proprietary right in the Pest Act Pest Control name, logos, trademarks marketing plans, formulae and recipes and to operate accordingly.  Finally, it pays for the initial training and opening promotions necessary to get the business off to the right start.

For the smallest office franchise, the company will immediately spend as under:

  1. Shoot Out on 1Lac local numbers (Around Rs. 20,000)
  2. 10000 Fliers for local distribution (Around Rs. 10,000)
  3. Stationery Cards, leaflets, brochure, flex installation around office area
  4. Budget on social media in local circle (Fix Rs. 10000 promotion on target audience)
  5. Media presence, local newspaper ad (Around Rs. 20000)
  6. Internet presence through our website and centralised lead generation
  7. Buffer for on-going marketing support.
How much money must I have in order to obtain financing for a Pest Act Pest Control franchise?

The amount of capital you will need to invest in a Pest Act Pest Control franchise varies depending on location, required leasehold improvements, etc.. The level of equity required as a means of qualifying for a business loan varies from lender to lender and it ultimately based on the creditworthiness of the franchisee.  However, prospective franchisees ought to expect to be able to provide an unencumbered cash equity sum equating to 50% of the purchase price. While Pest Act Pest Control does not lend money, we do have many contacts within the lending community and we can make the appropriate introductions if needed.

What is the requisite royalty fee?

The royalty levied will be a flat rate fee payable to Pest Act Pest Control on a monthly basis.

It is kept at 25% flat of total revenue generated each month as royalty fee to be paid to the brand.


5% or Rs. 10,000 (whichever is higher) is to be paid as Advertising Fee to the company.

What is the advertising fee and what does it cover?

The advertising fee is a small fee payable to Pest Act Pest Control on a monthly basis.  It covers the set up cost of all advertising initiatives, marketing promotions, flyers, newspaper ads, print advertisement, radio/television commercials and airtime used to acquire and maintain a loyal customer base.

In addition, the franchisee is recommended to spend a minimum of 2% of gross sales per month on local advertising in the form of flyers.  Those franchisees with extra funds available are required to engage in other forms of advertising and marketing.

When this Royalty has to be paid?

The billing is happening on Pest Act Pest Control’s accounts and all the franchise expenses are to be paid on 15th of every month for the preceding month end.

Will Pest Act Pest Control select the location and build the office for me?

Pest Act Pest Control is constantly seeking suitable locations.  In certain instances you may choose to open a store in a location selected by yourself; however it must be evaluated and approved by Pest Act Pest Control.  In any case, Pest Act Pest Control coordinates the construction and/or renovation of the store.

Who holds the lease? I have little experience in negotiating leases; will Pest Act Pest Control offer assistance in this regard?

This varies from location to location and is primarily a function of the landlord’s leasing policies.  In some cases the franchisee will be the tenant and in other cases Pest Act Pest Control and its affiliated companies lease the premise and then sublease it to the franchisee.  Pest Act Pest Control can be engaged to negotiate a lease entirely, or can simply offer assistance and guidance where the franchisee deems it necessary.  Despite this, a franchisee is strongly advised and will always be well served to seek independent legal advice from a solicitor.

How do I get building plans?

Pest Act Pest Control will provide plans for your location, including any necessary architectural and/or engineering drawings.

What hours must the office be open?

Pest Act Pest Control’s current standard hours of office operation are as follows:

Monday-Saturday: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

SUN   Weekly Off

Does Pest Act Pest Control require franchisees to be actively involved in operating the office?

YES.  Pest Act Pest Control requires and responds to the personal input and attention of the owner.  It is essential that the franchisee become personally involved in all facets of the business.  You can expect to work many long hours, particularly at the outset.  You should be willing and capable of performing all sales, team management and other function required on a daily basis.  The demands on you personally can be minimized by your ability to build sales and attract, motivate and retain competent employees.

What level of income can a franchisee expect to earn?

A proper understanding of the financial aspects of owing a Pest Act Pest Control store is a paramount component of the investigation process for prospective franchisees.

In an effort to provide the most thorough information, a detailed “Financial Information Summary” is furnished to prospective franchisees that have completed the interview stage of the qualifying process.  This package information will convey details on development costs, and operating expenses, together with a format to allow prospective franchisees to develop site-specific cash flow projections based upon their situation.  There are many factors involved such as the franchisee’s management skills; commitment of time to the business, site factors, overhead costs, etc. will all be influential.

Fantastic business opportunities exist within our organisation as we continue to expand nationally. Contact our Head Office for details.

The ideal candidate should be professional, enthusiastic and nurture a strong desire to manage a profitable business aimed at exceeding customer expectations. Naturally, access to financial resources as required for a franchise opportunity is also essential.” take this all to the next page in the end, will discuss once check.

Contact BAKHTIYAR KHAN on 8800987789 directly or our number 981 817 7378 for more details.

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