Know Your Pest

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Pests are all around us, they have been living here since time immemorial and the best part about them is that they feel that the humans are the invaders on this planet earth and takes us as their top competitors.Cockroach Control

First of all they work in the farms which actually for them is their own eating out zone. They are here to collect their own food which is growing there since ever, the moment they arrive to eat the human farmer, who somehow started feeling that this piece of land belongs to him and started putting some chemical weapon on them to spoil their party.

They are consistent, strongly motivated and well organised, they organise and attach again with full force and many times are successful in their endeavor. But at times when they fail in eating up in the farms, they follow the grains to the warehouse, to shops and even to homes to take up their share.

Now these paragraphs may seem hypothetical but actually the competition of Humans with the pests is real, they are continuously competing for the common resources available in the mother nature. This competition is real and is here to stay, this will be like any other fierce competitive rivalry where the fight is continuous and everlasting till either one of the competitor is finished.

Integrated Pest Management is an approach of Pest Control that talks about this ever lasting competition and consistency that is required by the humans to fight these devastating pests. All the strategies those are adopted under IPM (Integrated Pest Management) are to ensure that the pests are never winning any battle or a single fight, they are eliminated and pushed back and human’s interests are safeguarded.

In this section you can find out few of the common pests found in Indian Subcontinent and in our blog section you can find a lots of interesting articles on how to fight back on these. We are Integrated Pest Management Expert and helping our customers stay safe from common pests like Ants, Bugs, Beg Bugs, Beetles and Wasps, Cockroach, Flies, Mice, Mosquito, Rat, Silverfish, Spiders, Termite, Wood borer, Lizard and bird control.




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