Farmhouses, Lawns and Gardens Pest Control

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If it bites you, it bugs us!

Pest ControlProtect your family and pets from these insect pests in your lawn.

The look of a farm house or your lawn or garden in the evening is all waste in case you have chiggers or mosquitoes biting your guests for no reason. Many of these insects destroys your lawn and also sneak into your home to create mess with your hygiene. Don’t let your property become a living space for these unwanted critters.

From lawn pest control to outdoor mosquitoes and ticks and from centipedes to millipedes we have solutions for all. At the same time we use the best in class solutions and medicines, those are 100% safe for your pets and your kids and our technicians are very well trained to use the correct doses and on correct time and schedule.Pest Control

We have certified and renowned fogging services for your outdoors, we also help you stay safe from ticks those can give you Lyme Disease or other transferable diseases to your pets, call us and ask for barrier treatment for these ticks. Ants, spiders, ladybugs and other insects can cause serious problem in case you are allergic, because their bites sometimes are really painful and reactive. Our technicians will help you identify the insects most likely to invade your home’s interior. These trained technicians use a proven, regular maintenance strategy to protect your home and family from bugs and the diseases they carry.

Moles are also sometimes entering your premises from your surrounding, these tiny creatures are really hungry and eats up almost their own body weight equivalent food everyday. They are always looking for earthworms, beetles, Pest controlgrubs and even ants to satisfy their hunger and in return they are damaging your property and destroying your garden. They create a small soft hill all over your garden, this looks like an eruption of turf and are known as mole hills. Get in touch with us to receive a free tour on our renowned integrated pest management program at your place.

Give us a chance to present our best in class solutions and take our assurance of the services in the industry.

Please get in touch with us on our All India Toll Free Number: 9818177378 or write to us at

We will get in touch soon after, schedule a meeting and will give you a detailed presentation on your lawn pests and their care. Also we have special rates for our party lawn customers undergoing regular fogging or pest control.


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