Mosquitoes in Delhi!

Rats are really tough creatures.
March 6, 2018
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Mosquitoes in Delhi!

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The biggest killer of humans in the world is waking up again to bring back the havoc in your surrounding!

We are summarising here the most common mosquitoes found in Delhi NCR and how to recognize them.

We are summarizing here the common ailments brought by them and their biting habits.

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Aedes aegypti

 Aedes Mosquito
Black and White Spots
Large size
Fast flight
Wait before sitting and hitting
Painful insertion, sharp bite pain
Fast sucking
wings are dark scaled
Indoor biting throughout the day
Early evening bites in the outdooors
Spread Dengue, Yellow Fever and Dog Heatworm
Chikungunya, Zika Virus also spread through this
Referred to as “Dengue wala Machhar”
Also known as Tiger Mosquito because of strips
Eggs in Clean and stagnant water
Life: 2 weeks, total three times eggs are laid, each time 100
The eggs can lie dormant in dry conditions for up to about nine months, after which they can hatch if exposed to favourable conditions, i.e. water and food.
Fly and bite at low levels, max 1.2 meter hieght
Very low buzz sound, unlike Culex and Anopheles


Anopheles Mosquito

 Anaphoeles mosquito
Light brown colour
Small mosquito
Slow flight
pale and dark scales on their legs, probosces and wings
Sitting posture is at an angle to the surface, head down
Eggs are laid singly and have floats
Wings have dark spots
Bite at night
They feed on water surface
Carries Malaria
Brain Tumor virus is also carried by them
Known as Malaria Mosquito
Kills more than 5 lac people each year
Lays eggs in any water body
Eggs hatches in 3 days
fertilized females, may survive winter by hibernating in caves, which means the malaria breeding cycle can virtually last year-round in some locations.
Flies high
Creates high buzz sound, very familiar


Culex Mosquito

 Culex Mosquito
golden-brown mosquito with dark proboscis
Large size
It is a weak flier and sits often
Quick in biting, sit and insert
Bite is itchy and very painful
Sitting posture is parallel to the surface
Eggs are in cluster called raft
Unspotted wings
Very active during dusk and dawn
They feeds below water surface
Spread Filariasis and Japanese Encephalitis
Leishmaniasis and other virus are also carried
Known as Common House Mosquito
Haathi Paon is spread by this mosquito
Lays eggs in any water body, mostly fresh water
The female deposits between 100 to 300 eggs, one at a time. They will hatch two days later.
Lives 10-14 days
Creates high buzz sound, very familiar

Never let them around yourself, maintain a zero tolerance to any mosquito spotting in your surrounding and keep yourself and your family safe from these filthy creatures. At the same time, never let Jhola Chhap pest controllers handle this at your place because that is like being penny wise and dollar foolish.

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