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Pest ControlIts astonishing to know that the modern time’s biggest urban problem called “Depression” is associated with birds as well.

The sight of birds in the wild is soothing and relaxing but medium sized city birds like Pigeon creates somewhat depressing scenario in the vicinity of your homes if your home is all surrounded by bricks jungle. Watching birds can be better only if these are in garden at least with shrubs and trees and some water source otherwise the birds are stressed in search of food and unless they are playing happily you cannot enjoy watching them.

Moreover researchers have proved that the bird’s feces, upon drying on the ground, develops a dimorphic fungus that can be either in yeast form or in filamentous form, this dries out and starts to move around with air, in case the bird’s droppings are in your balcony then the air borne fungus will enter directly into your room through your window or your air conditioner.

Your kids and the elderly are not safe in this infected air and that isPest Control the reason why children living in a home with these bird nests etc. are often seen in clinics with throat infection and lungs problems, coughing and sneezing.

This fungus is responsible for several diseases in humans from minor throat infection to even fatal one like Histoplasmosis. The bird’s droppings are really poor thing to have in your surrounding because they bring in 60 different small or big problems in the form of diseases to your home.

Also the birds are not allowed under HACCP, Food Act, FSSAI and Drug Regulations Act etc to stay near the manufacturing zone, packing area, storage area as well as dispatching areas of the food items, food industry – related items, drugs and medicines etc. Birds droppings on packed cartons can lead to order cancellation as well. You can read our interesting blog on birds to know more and stay up to date.

We are Bird Control Experts, our products are 100% safe for birds, we believe in just keeping them at a safe distance rather than giving them any kind of harm, in the nutshell we also love birds. We keep on developing new easier ways to keep our customers safe from these. Our innovative products includes primarily the bird spikes, bird net framed and bird net loose. We also procure ultrasonic bird repeller that is effective in smaller distances and has to be used in pairs to shoo these birds away.

Bird Control DelhiBird Spikes helps in giving direction to the birds for “Do Not Sit Here” and thus they move to the next wall. Most of the birds, except eagle (That dives directly on its prey from air)¬†first come and sit on a high spot, checks the surrounding and then enters the place. If they want to enter your home, they will first come and sit on your wall to judge the place properly before they enter.

These Spikes, thus are very helpful because you are denying their entry in your premises by simply not allowing them sit on your wall to take further action.

This is a simple yet highly effective installation used world wide because this works on the psychology of the birds and their behaviour. You can install these for you upon inspection.


Bird Control Gurgaon Loose Bird nets are installed in large areas where there is no need for it to look very beautiful rather there is a need to stop the entry only, primarily this method of bird net installation is used in warehouses, factories and godowns.

Here we simply hand the net properly attached to the higher walls with our technician using the drill machine to ensure that these are not falling back.

The maintenance of these bird nets are very low, you just need to conduct an inspection after 6 months of installation or SOS to ensure there is no space or wear and tear. We use tested nylon mesh for this job and these lasts really long in open air conditions in all weather.

These nets once installed, instantly cut the entry of birds and keeps your area neat and clean. No more birds droppings on your export cartons.

The other type of bird nets we use are framed nets, these are installed nicely like a photo frameBird Control Service, and these are primarily used in homes and offices because the customers are looking forward to maintain the look of their window at the same time wants to ban the entry of these birds.

Our expert technician will first conduct the inspection of your window and take measurements, then he will create a frame for your window to look lovely and then this frame is installed outside your window with the help of drill machine and rivets etc to ensure safety and longevity.
Please get in touch with any of our offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Aligarh to get a free consultation on birds management. You can also call our toll free number 9818177378 and ask for bird management.

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