Protecting your lovely pets while killing pests, especially during rodent control!

Pest Control
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Protecting your lovely pets while killing pests, especially during rodent control!

Rodent control
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First things first, always go with the best pest control company around to avoid a lot of issues those may arise when you try to save few rupees and put your family at risk. Calling in an unprofessional, untrained, non-recognised or a Jhola Chhap pest controller is a highly risky affair and put you in the bracket of ‘penny wise dollar foolish’.
Although all the chemicals used in pest control and a majority of methods used against pests can affect pets as well.

But when it comes to a rodent control, special care is needed to prevent pets because:
1. Rodents are large mammals
2. They are sometimes very close to the size of a small puppy or a kitten
3. They are mainly killed through feeding in large quantities unlike sprays for insects which is mainly a contact poison
4. All rodent feeds (baits) are equally poisonous to cats and dogs
5. Feeding them openly is highly risky because the feed can be taken by pets as well as kids at home
6. The poisons used for killing rodents are cumulative in nature, means the rat that is dead by eating that poison is now a bigger poison itself. Anyone consuming that rat has severe chances of getting killed, so cats at home are always at risk.
7. Feeding them without rodaboxes is a major cause of disease spread.

Only a professional company can handle these rodents nicely, they know the feeding method, the safety precautions and the risks involved.
The best precaution is to keep pets away from toxic bait and dead rodents.
Putting the bait in locations out of the reach of children, pets, livestock, and non-target wildlife. We strongly recommend using only tamper-resistant bait stations those cannot be opened or accessed by pets at home. These are further marked clearly to be poisonous and dangerous.
You can get in touch with our field representative to check for these tamper-resistant bait stations for rodent control, these are available in the market at a price of Rs. 250-750 depending upon the quality.
For more exciting information and stories on Pest Control please visit (ISO 9001 certified pest control company) more often and stay connected with our blogs. Understanding importance of pest control is necessary.

We offer world-class pest control services that include Bird Control, Rodent Control, Mosquito Control, Termite Control, Flies Control, Bed Bugs Control and cockroach control. Your comments, suggestions, recommendations, and stories or problems related to pests are most welcome.

Do write to us at or call our All India Pest Free number(to get rid of pests from your surroundings and to fight them better, this is also Pest Act Pest Control’s customer care number) at 9818177378.

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