Rats are really tough creatures.

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March 4, 2018
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March 9, 2018
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Rats are really tough creatures.

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How much damage can rats cause?

The anatomy of the upper jaw of a rat allows it to gnaw very effectively and forcefully, giving them the ability to cause an array of damage to your home and property.

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Moreover, Murine typhus, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Rat Bite Fever, Meningitis, Plague, Rabies, Hemorrhagic fever are other few fatal ailments caused by them.

The image courtesy, Hollywood movie “Rat Attack” painted a really dreaded picture of these filthy creatures, they are deadly even otherwise, they are continuously fighting for their share in the mother nature’s gifts, food, and shelter. They multiply really fast to capture the planet really quickly. Thank God, they eat up their own babies if hungry otherwise we could really be in a big problem.

But how these small little ones can be such a big problem? They have survived the brutal forces of nature for more than us, they have developed better senses and more advanced survival tactics than humans and undoubtedly in many ways, these are stronger than us.

Sum up all capabilities you have and check out these here:


  1. How long can you swim? Rats can swim for over a Kilometre
  2. How long can you survive without water? Rats can survive for weeks without water
  3. Can you survive Radiation? Rats can survive massive doses of radiation
  4. Can you survive poison doses? Rats have developed immunities on a large number of poisonous and toxic substances
  5. How well can you adapt extreme environment? Rats can easily gel and live almost everywhere on earth
  6. How high can you climb? Rats can climb mountains
  7. Can you survive falling from 5 story building? Rats can
  8. What all you can chew? Almost nothing as compared to them
  9. Heard of population explosion? Check it out here, live!

The four long front teeth of rats, called incisors, are highly specialized for gnawing. To ensure this capability, they will continue to grow throughout the life of a rat! As part of their physiology as well as to keep tooth length under control, rats must continuously gnaw and bite to wear teeth down.

It becomes havoc when we have a dead mouse in the house, housemates cannot live and breathe in this pungent foul odor.

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Never let them around yourself, maintain a zero tolerance to any rat or mouse spotting in your surrounding and keep yourself and your family safe from these filthy creatures. At the same time, never let Jhola Chhap pest controllers handle this at your place, because that is like being penny wise and dollar foolish.

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