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We’re Not Satisfied Until You’re Satisfied.Pest Control GuaranteeHome is for you but unfortunately you always have unwanted guests creeping in from all over to enjoy the warmth, the cosy, the food and moisture to live happily and grow their own families.

The basic fundamental of all living being are still the same:

  •                 Food
  •                 Water
  •                 Shelter

Now if you imagine a Rat or a cockroach in your home, what does it denotes?

Simply, he is coming in because you are offering (I am sure unknowingly) them good food, ample water in the form of moisture and a nice and cosy shelter you can check some specific reasons why pests are more attracted to your home.

We at Pest Act Pest Control knows these facts and understand that cutting the supplies of either of these will force any creature to walk out and move on. We strike hard and strike in a well-balanced manner, our approach is simple and we believe in Integrated Pest Management to stay safe for longer period of time. We believe in prevention than cure and throughout our website you will find a lot of tips and techniques to stay away and safe from any deadly, damaging or disease causing pest.

To manage pests at your home it is extremely essential that you maintain a very neat and clean surrounding all the time, there should be no garbage and your dump storage spaces and your pantry storage are all well ventilated, monitored and maintained with routine cleaning. The water inlet and well as drainage systems must be well checked with no leakages, cracks and holes to create moisture in walls, ceilings, floors and wood structures.

This is the best way to make sure that your home is not inviting any unwanted guest. You can read other tips in our Blog Section and learn various interesting things about home cleaning etc if you regularly follow our blogs.

Most Common pests those are found in Indian homes and the services those we offer for their eradication or management includes:

Common Household Pest Image Our Services to control and Manage that
Ants Ants control Services Please check our Ants Control Services
Beg Bugs Bed bugs control services You can check our Bed bugs control services
Beetles (Bees and Wasps) Beetles control You can check our Beetles control services
Cockroach Cockroach control delhi Also check our Cockroach control services
Flies flies control services Check our houseflies and other fly management services
Mouse Mouse Control Our Mouse control services
Mosquitoes mosquitoe control delhi Check our mosquitoes management services
Rats Rat control Delhi Check Rats and Moose control services
Silverfish silverfish control services Check how to get rid of cloth eating Silverfish
Spiders Spider control Delhi Also check our Spiders Control Services
Termites termite control delhi We assure you of best in class termite control services
Woodborers woodborer control delhi Protect your furniture with our woodborer services

Please get in touch for all your pest control needs.

We also help you staying protected from your garden and lawn pests and other outdoor pests through our Farmhouse, Garden and lawn pest control services.

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