Restaurants and Cafes needs top class hygiene

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The Party  Is Over For Pests!

Zero Tolerance to Pests Infestation is the only way out!

Cafe Pest ControlIf you run a restaurant and is recognised for your ambience, or if you want to become a brand then a single sight of a pests in your food production or kitchen areas or even common area or washroom is a sin.

Restaurants are alternate to home cooked tasty food in the comfort of home, when people come out to eat they are looking for,  if not better than home then at least equivalent. When the guests enters in your restaurant he is basically putting all his trust into you to ensure that his family will return back fed nicely and disease free.

Pests can ruin this entire monologue, their guest appearance in front of the restaurant’s guest can even kill your brand image in case you run a well positioned and recognised brands. That is the reason why Delhi’s best trust us for fighting the biggest competitor of humanity, the Pests.

Pests are a really serious threat to your any kind of food business business, including restaurant, cafes or delivery kitchens. Cockroaches, Rats and Mice, ants, flies, mosquitoes and other pests in your restaurant compromise sanitation and quality, bring compliance issues, hurt your restaurant’s reputation and cost you customers. We offer discreet, on-demand services tailored for your specific needs with highly customizable solutions like fixed resource to monthly service schedule.Pest Control in Restaurant

Our Integrated Pest Management approach solves the pest problem in all restaurants, cafes and delivery kitchens. The methodology is simple;

Inspection: By our trained technician for minutest of the early signs of pest infestation

Sanitation: We also call it flash out treatment to clean the entire restaurant before regular updates

Exclusion: Putting barriers on the entry of all pests

Baiting: Catching the unwanted intruders and

Elimination: of pests by continuous monitoring and control.

Train: We believe in sharing knowledge and thus trains your own housekeeping and kitchen on the early signs of the pest infestation so that they can spot the beast before it grows.

Pest Control in RestaurantExtra measures are taken in fly control and rodent control to ensure that no body parts can contaminate foods or areas where food is uncovered, prepared, cooked, served or eaten.

We are an ISO certified, government accredited organization with multiple offices, we are also a PMP of some of the leading international sanitation brands and we serve few of the top clients in the respective industry.

Please get in touch for free inspection and consultation by dropping a line on or you can ring us toll free at 9818177378

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