Silverfish Control

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Besides being a nuisance in your home, silverfish has destructive feeding habits. They can cause extensive problems by damaging valuable books, photographs, paintings, plaster and other household items containing starch or cellulose. Have you ever noticed very small holes in your clothes kept folded in your almirah or safe? These are silverfish’s job.

Cloth eating insect controlSilverfish is a nocturnal and discreet pest that can cause an infestation to go unnoticed for a long period of time until substantial damages have been done. Silverfish can also survive in most environments, but thrive in conditions of high humidity and can often be found in dark, damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements and attics.

In small numbers, silverfish bugs do not really cause a problem but a large infestation can lead to a serious issue for your business.

Call a Licensed Pest Control Company before it is too late, our expert will find Silverfish out from its Usual Hiding Place

  • Kitchens or Bathroom– under sinks and kitchen cabinets
  • Laundry area– behind wallpaper, window or door frames
  • Storage areas– in storage boxes, bookcases, old stacks of newspapers and magazines
  • Humid Areas – Silverfish are attracted to damp areas with 75% – 95% humidity, hence it is recommended to reduce the humidity with dehumidifiers and fans.

At Pest Act Pest Control, our experts are fully trained, licensed professionals with knowledge, methodologies and tools. Our industry approved trainings enable us to treat and get rid of silverfish as effectively as possible. Besides our integrated pest management programme, we also have a range of effective solutions such as residual spraying that is highly targeted at the places that silverfish commonly hides.

Get in touch with us by filling up the attached form or write to us at or you can call our All India Pest Free Number 9818177378 to get a quick resolution and free inspection.


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