Termite Control

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A Scientific estimate suggests that on the face of earth, the total body weight of all termites is more than the total weight of all humans put together.Pest Control

They are in such a large number that if they look at your property to invade, they capture it in no time and since they eat 24X7, the cellulose is consumed at a war pace from all your wooden items that too without getting noticed unless 90% damage is already done. Although there are few tips to prevent termite spread but professional support is important.

Subterranean termites (those most commonly seen in homes) are a similar size to a black ant except they are pale in colour. That’s why they are often called “white ants”.  Even while they are swarming people gets confuse and think that these are ants and let them go.

If you look closely, termites have two sections to their body while ants have three. Soldier termites have a slightly darkened, or brown, head. You will also see termites with wings, called alates. Sometimes confused for moths, the alates fly out from the colony in search of a new environment in which to reproduce and develop a new colony.

Scientifically the termite treatment is done in two separate areas and the way it is done is also different.

First it is done before Construction in the soil and then in existing structures.

Pest Act Pest Control is an Expert in Termite Control and our expert termite control methods relieves you of severe damage caused by these pests.

Since termites are living in a colony and all of them are feeding their queen, it is important to know that the queen is always safe and laying eggs at a massive rate of around 25000 to 50000 eggs per day to increase its colony size.

These termites flow underground and reach your plot or premise, now the treatment for them before construction is to create a barrier so that they stay away for few years and in the existing structures the treatment is to eliminate and kill the existing termites and then stop them from coming back again.

Read more about termite treatment in their specific segments below:

Pre-construction Termite Treatment

Post Construction Termite Treatment

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