Warehouse General Pest Control and Fumigation

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Food or Non Food, all warehouses are targeted by various pests for their hideout and comfort. They pests are looking for warm, shady environment and these large warehouses provide them this at ease.Warehouse Pest Control

Once you have got a company in your godown or warehouse, they will look forward to utilize your resources and for them its an instant win because they have food and shelter everywhere, some of the pests like Rodents (Rats and Mice) find everything interesting and they starts to damage, if not eat, almost everything because of their gnawing habit, whereas others like termites is looking for cellulose inside all wood products, your pallets, your cartons and racks etc. Others like silverfish is looking for the paper to eat and enjoy, because they find it in plenty and can easily reproduce for generations in this vast space.

Everything put together becomes a headache for the warehouse manager as reaching all corners of all warehouses is not easy and doable weekly for cure and also he is overloaded to run the warehouse and cannot find time to fight these silent destroyers.

The damage is mostly reported only before CEO’s visit or during the audit, then it become an unplanned expense and also a clear cut loss of the company, some organisations put it in the P&L of the warehouse and thus the warehouse manager’s job passes through a very high stress period just because of a small mouse.

We at Pest Act Pest Control are expert in serving the warehouses and maintaining these property 100% no pest zone. Our expert services keeps the warehouse manager stress free and let him focus on his KPI’s rather than unplanned issues and pests. If your business have a warehouse or you are a warehouse manager we can help you stay safe and stress free.

We have solutions for food storage as well as non food storage, we are ISO 9000-2015 company and assure you of a secure warehouses by our services such as Air Charging, Surface Spray, Fumigation, Bird Management, Bird Mesh or Spikes, Baits and Ultrasonic Repellents, Rodent Control and General Pest Control.

Please get in touch with us by calling our All India Toll Free Number: 9818177378 or write to us at contact@pestact.com. We will get in touch with you soon after and take care of all your warehouse pest control needs.

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